These TOP 3 essential resources will help guide you to direct mail marketing success…


#1 Access to My “Little Black Book” of Contacts

If you want to be truly successful in direct mail, you absolutely MUST know the right people. But how do you meet them? I’ll give you access to the list of vendors I work with almost every day. These are individuals and companies that I go back to again and again for their unbeatable pricing and top notch customer service. Can’t find the recommendation you need? Just reach out to me by email and I’ll put you in touch with whoever you need!

#2 PROVEN Sample Sales Pieces

Analyze numerous successful direct mail pieces that are already PROVEN to work. You’ll have unlimited access to sales letters, magalogs, postcards, and more that have already sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services.

You can use these samples as guidelines for your own pieces to help guide your designer and copywriter to an absolutely KILLER sales piece.

#3 Priceless Tracking Reports

Being able to track your results is CRUCIAL to knowing whether or not your campaigns are succeeding. You’d be surprised how many people discount this step… I’ve had clients come to me JUST to help them set up a tracking system. Instead of having someone else do it, I’ll give you the exact spreadsheets and reports I use… If you have any questions, you’ll even have my direct email.

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